Accent Table

After moving the chair from the bedroom to the living room, I ended up with a lone chair without an accent table.  Not a big deal if I’m just going to sit there with nothing in my hands, but how often do I find myself without a drink in hand?  Weekend mornings with a cup of coffee or evenings with a glass of wine.

I’d been scouring different online stores for nice, affordable accent tables, but came up empty.  I wanted something different, but ‘different’ meant $$$.  I thought maybe I’d check out neighborhood garage sales, but I really don’t like wasting my precious weekend mornings driving from place to place looking for something people may not be selling.  Finally, I opted to make my own.  I just need the materials, and preferably something we have at home.  Wrought iron – nope, cut glass – nope, bamboo – we got tons of that in the yard, left over limestone from the backyard reno – that may work.  So I decided that July 4th weekend would be the day I’d attempt to make my bamboo limestone accent table.

As I’m sitting in the chair, I look around the living room and see the pair of candle sticks next to the fireplace, and think to myself – these candle sticks sure look like a supportive base for a small table…

Candle Stick

I’ve had these candlesticks since 2001. They just kind out hang out and collect dust.

It’s just missing a top.  What can I use for a top?  Can’t be anything too heavy, and the limestone is just that – heavy.

My eyes land on the numerous picture frames I’ve got scattered around the living room.  Picture frames are light weight!

Picture Frame

I would get a set of these frames of botanical drawings every Christmas from one of my colleagues. So far I have 7 in the house, and I’m starting to run out of places to put these.

Voila! (or ‘Walla’ as some internet posters would proudly proclaim)

A little bit of gorilla glue, and I’ve got myself a unique (and free) accent table!

Accent Table

Instead of spending a long weekend, I put this together in less than 5 minutes.

Now I have to figure out how to occupy my time during July 4th weekend…

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