New Balance Forever

I am retail companies’ biggest headache.  I buy what’s good for my bottom line, not theirs.  There’s no such thing as brand loyalty.  If you look at my running apparel it’s a free for all.  I buy what’s on sale.  However, when it comes to running shoes it’s only New Balance.  Recently, they’ve strengthened that sense of loyalty.

A few weeks ago, as J & I were walking back from the beach after a run, we passed by bushes of yellow hibiscus.  I stopped to admire the vibrant yellow and magenta and said to J, “It’d be really awesome if New Balance made shoes with this color combination.”

I don’t remember if J suggested that I write the company, but one night as I was home alone (J was in NYC) and had nothing better to do, I emailed New Balance customer service, and asked if they would ever consider this color combo (with picture attached) specifically for the 890 model as I was considering purchasing this particular style.  I never heard back from them, so I figured it ended up in their email ‘black hole’.  Today, as I’m checking out their website, what do I see?

New Balance 890 - WR890YP - Women's Lightweight Shoes

YIKES!  I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my email, but I can tell you they now have a FIERCELY loyal customer for life.  I’ve actually purchased this pair at full retail price, and if you know anything about my purchasing habits, you know that speaks volumes.


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2 Responses to New Balance Forever

  1. Runner Bob says:

    Now you need a matching track suit.

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