Party Time!

Just finished my re-cert exam, and don’t ask me how it went because I’m just glad it’s O-V-A OVA!  Regardless of the outcome, it’s time to paaaarrrrttttyyy!  J&I are going to Flemings for steak and wine tonight, and then I’m going to happy hour with some co-workers tomorrow night and really start enjoying what Southern CA has to offer (at least until I find out the results).  Worse comes to worst, I’ll have to do it again in April, but I sincerely hope I never have to enter that testing center again for at least another 10 years.

p.s. I’m slightly nonplussed at the fact that the initial certs only need to take an extra 2-hour session than the re-certs.  I remember when we did the initial certification 10 years ago, we had an extra day (read: 8 hours) on those re-certs.  Everyone’s getting soft on the new docs…

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