Tennis Hopper

Now that we’ve picked up tennis we needed to get all our gear together.  We figured all we needed were 2 racquets and a few (no more than 3) tennis balls.  Since we were new to the game we checked what other players on the court had with them.  One of the things we noticed was almost everyone had a basket full of tennis balls they were practicing with.

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

So we thought, “yeah, we need a bunch of balls too to practice with”.  So we went to our trusted neighborhood store, Costco, and got a box of 48 balls.  How does one transport so many tennis balls to and from the courts?  With a hopper of course (see above).  Not only does it carry all the balls, it also allows one to collect them without needing to bend down (watch the video at 0:17).

So while we were shopping for a hopper, we had to settle with this…

Tennis balls...

In our ghetto hopper. Believe me when I say people on the courts were 'intrigued' by the rustling sound our 'hopper' would make.

Luckily, Costco intervened on our behalf.

We got this shopping bag as a gift when we applied for the Costco Amex card this afternoon.

Now we're not sure if we really need a hopper anymore.

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