Adult Conversation

I generally don’t like to talk about medicine outside of work.  So being married to a non-medical person is a huge relief; but when I do have a question about something I’m usually met with crazy, ridiculous responses.

{I’m reading about anal screening for HPV in HIV patients, and since I don’t see many HIV patients I’m wondering out loud}

Me: How do you screen for anal HPV?

J: It’s called the lick test.

Luckily now that V is a veterinarian cardiology fellow, I at least have someone to spar with.

{We’re on the speaker phone talking about arrhythmias and vets in general}

Me: So [one] must have to be the cream of the crop to work at San Diego Zoo.

V: Not really, they just practice herd medicine.

Me: Well what if a gorilla develops arrhythmias?

V: They call in the cardiologist.

Me {to V}: So what do you give a gorilla who has arrhythmias?

J {interjecting into the conversation}: A banana.

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2 Responses to Adult Conversation

  1. Runner Bob says:

    Quite an accomplished family you have there!

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