I’m Not A Baby Elephant

All runners know that the first rule of running along the road is to run against traffic.  This ensures that you can spot the car or bike that’s heading your way, and allows you to run to the side to avoid a dangerous collision.  So why are some of the runners here in beautiful Irvine still running with traffic?

Speaking of vehicular encounters, there are 3 types of drivers you’ll eventually meet on your run:

  1. The oblivious/malicious drivers.  They get as close to you as they can without actually hitting you, sending you scurrying up the sidewalk, and making you wish you still had that bag of dog poop to fling at their cars.  Luckily these guys are few and far between.
  2. The courteous drivers.  They leave you enough space so that you can safely continue on with your run.  Thank you guys.
  3. The ‘Woa!-Check-out-that-baby-elephant-running-at-me’ drivers.  These guys give you so much room that they are literally driving in the incoming traffic lane.  Exaggerate much?!?  I understand I’m no svelte teenager, but I’m also not a baby elephant.

So if you ever come upon a crazy runner raising her fist in the air and yelling at the driver, ‘I’M NOT A BABY ELEPHANT!’, you’ll know why.

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7 Responses to I’m Not A Baby Elephant

  1. vy says:

    that’s what I do, drive into the opposite lane

  2. SY says:

    I’m not proud to say I have given the finger to NY drivers when running when they try to run over me or yell at me to get off the road.

  3. SY says:

    I know, the endorphin thing must kick in way later for me ’cause during the run I get really annoyed by those kind of drivers. But they are really aggressive.

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