So Many Parties…So Little Time

It’s the company-holiday-party season again, but wouldn’t you know it, both J’s and mine are held on the exact same day.  His is at St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa in Dana Point, and mine is at one of the hotels in Disneyland.  What to do?  Knowing what we know about J’s company, that party is definitely going to be lavish.  However, I really like all the people in our organization, and wouldn’t mind spending the night with them.  Ultimately, it all boils down to who serves better food and, after comparing notes today, it looks like we’ll be heading down to Dana Point.

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4 Responses to So Many Parties…So Little Time

  1. myblankeynme says:

    uhhhh yeah! but good company is important too. btw, all your other post are hilarious! my brother is stupid and a jerk sometimes. hahahahahaha i don’t know how you can stand him.

    • LY says:

      Your brother is only loyal to his stomach.
      My posts are hilarious because your brother’s providing all the material. Life is never dull with him : )

  2. SY says:

    No holiday party for me…

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