Seven Miles

Got my long run up to 7 miles today, accompanied by J and Truffalo.  This has to be the longest distance Truff has ever run.  He was fading a little between miles 5 & 6, but quickly picked it back up after a bit of a rest at mile 6.  Now he’s sleeping like a baby.  Next week’s long run will be 8 miles and after that, I’ll add in an extra day of running during the week.  Increasing the distance by 2 miles/wk will get me to the 25-mile base by end of the month, which will give me 2 weeks of base training before the program starts in mid-July.

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2 Responses to Seven Miles

  1. SY says:

    Happy training! The CIM looks like a nice marathon, is it close to you?

    • LY says:

      You too! CIM is in Sacramento (about an 8-hr drive or 2-hr plane ride). It’s supposed to be the fastest marathon in the country due to its gentle downhills (not like the quad killers of Tucson).

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