With all the free time these days I’ve been catching up on the kdramas and some reading.  Finally finished Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and wondered where I was during World History in high school?  Did I even take World History back in high school?  I’ve learned more about WW1 from this book than I’ve ever had back in class.  Goes to show school’s a waste of time when you’re not ready to learn; and who’s really ready to learn when the teenage hormones reign supreme?

Right now I’m reading Alexander Green’s The Secret of Shelter Island: Money and What Matters, which talks about wealth beyond money.  In one essay, he quotes psychologist Laurance G. Boldt:

The life you spend doing what you love is a different life indeed from putting your life out for hire to the highest bidder.  The only way you can say it makes no difference is to say life makes no difference.

This couldn’t have appeared at a more apt time, as I’ve recently been contemplating what to do with my life and how I want to live my life.  Do I want to continue with my current career, which I don’t loathe, but at the same time don’t love?  Or do I venture out to do something I would really enjoy, but not necessarily provide me with the same degree of stability?  Do I hop off the gravy line now or postpone another 5 years?  I don’t have an answer right now, but making that switch will take a certain kind of courage.

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8 Responses to Poignant

  1. Juin says:

    I think it takes courage to treat yourself to true happiness and let go of what others expect of you. Regret is very hard to overcome. Why not truly live your life doing something you love? Too many of us live our lives in mediocrity and complacency. You already have stability–not because of how much money you make, but because of who you have in your life and your inner strength.

  2. vy says:

    ninth grade history class, Mr. Arnold. How can you forget.

  3. SY says:

    I think Lucille Ball said “I’d rather regret what I do than regret what I didn’t do.”

  4. SY says:

    It will be interesting to see how their new system works out. It’s funny with all the hoopla around that race that it doesn’t itself count as a world record qualifying course. Not that we’re setting world records or anything but still…

    • LY says:

      What’s most likely going to happen is that those of use barely qualifying won’t be able to get a spot in the race. At this point, I’ll be happy just to say that I was ‘able to qualify’ for Boston.

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