How’s that SS?

Went to Morton’s over the weekend for the usual birthday steak dinner.  J brought along a bottle of the Caymus 2008 Special Selection to ‘celebrate the occasion’ (I’m not so sure we were celebrating aging as much as J having an excuse to drink the Caymus).

Caymus 2008 Special Selection

J loves good wine.  Me?  The steak is the main character, whereas the wine is only there to cleanse the palate between bites to help make the next morsel taste even better.  For me there are 3 types of wine:

  1. Cheap wine that tastes like toe cheese
  2. Cheap but drinkable wine
  3. Expensive wine that tastes just like the cheap, drinkable wine

So in a way the Caymus was wasted on me.  J said the next time we’re bringing 2 separate bottles, he’ll drink from the expensive one, and I’ll drink my Simi.  However, there were plenty of other people fawning over that bottle.  No less than 6 times did the Maitre d’, our waiter, and the manager come by to comment:

Maitre d’: That’s a beautiful bottle of wine.

Waiter: How are you enjoying that wine?

Manager: How’s that SS?

Me {thinking}: What’s SS?  A German U-boat?

Pass the Simi…

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