First Time Study Subjects

I’ve always wanted to participate in paid studies.  When I was younger, I had entertained donating my eggs to make some money, but didn’t as I was afraid they were going to remove my ovaries in the process.  As I got older and ‘wiser’ I opted against all clinical trials that could potentially inflict bodily harm.  With a more stringent criteria on my part, it was difficult finding interesting studies to participate in, that is until now.  I read in last week’s local paper that there was a study being conducted at UCI looking at the relation between individual characteristics and romantic processes, no drugs or procedures involved.  All you had to do was to answer a series of questions and agree to be video taped while discussing the questions with your partner.  Criteria include couples over age 30 in a long term relationship.  Simple enough, and at the end of the study you get a $40 gift card, so I made the executive decision to sign us up.

J: You know it’s a waste of time.

Me: You get a $40 gift card.

J: I can work an extra hour at work and get twice that.

Me {thinking}…well you’re not working that extra hour now are you?!?!

So after a long day at work, a frustrating commute, and a brisk walk with the dogs, we scarfed down our dinner in less than 10 minutes and rushed to the university to be paid handsomely at the end.

We took the very last Trader Joe's gift card to feed our cheese and 2 buck chuck habit.

J still didn’t think it was worth it.  Would we do it again?  J says no, but I know we will, so says the CEO…

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