A Long Week

I was in NJ last week for a Board review course in preparation for my re-certification exam mid-October.  Instead of staying in the hotel in NJ where the review course was held, I hit up on M&D and stayed in Brooklyn.  Which meant, instead of going to bed early and getting up late, I went to bed late and woke up early every day…can you say ‘sleep deprivation’?  However, this setup allowed me to spend more time with friends and family.

I got to see a friend I hadn’t seen since graduating from college, and met families’ new additions.  I got a chance to interact with K&A’s older daughter Katelyn, who’s only 3, and all I have to say is thank god there aren’t that many adorable and endearing kids like her, otherwise I’d succumb to having a child myself.  By the time I left, I wanted to pack that girl up and bring her home with me.  Luckily the world is full of little pissers acting as the best form of contraception.

Again, mom gave me a bag full of pork jerky and ‘lop nop’ to bring back to cali (we should really inform her that we no longer live in the boondocks and can pretty much get everything here).

The biggest news of all?  M&D are finally getting married after being together for 13 years!

A Tiffany ring...

This week has taken a toll on me, as I ended up with a sore throat and had to miss 2 running days (including my 10-mile run), but it was great seeing everyone again.  Now it’s back to sleeping 8-9 hours a night…woohoo!

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