Vegetable Garden

J wanted to grow his own vegetables but didn’t have the time.  Since mom and dad were staying with us for a few weeks he suspected that dad would be willing to take over the project.  So for the last 6 weeks, dad reliably transformed a patch of dirt in the backyard into a small vegetable garden.

Dad proudly showing off his hard work.

After a week of battling snails, dad was able to preserve one bok choy (in the back). The snails were obviously not interested in the scallions.

The bamboos cut from the side yard are used as support for the green beans.

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2 Responses to Vegetable Garden

  1. vy says:

    so all these days of him telling me about his hard work, this is what he has to show for.

    • LY says:

      It’s actually very labor intensive. He fainted the other day after squatting and tending the vegetable patch for 45 minutes, so give him some credit.

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