Traveling Light

When you have had a number of international travels under your belt, you soon realize that the most important thing about travel is TRAVEL LIGHT.  On our most recent trip to Bora Bora, we saw everyone with at least one carry on and one humungous checked luggage, EACH.  Our entire family of 5 had a total of 4 backpacks and 1 purse.  When we landed in Tahiti,

Travel agency lady {mortified}: What happened to your luggage?  Did [the airline] lose it?

We {proudly}: This is it.

Bystander {chiming in}: All you need is your bathing suit.

Exactly!  When you go to the beach, all you really need is your bathing suit!  You don’t need 5 cans of hairspray, 10 cocktail dresses, or 6 pairs of shoes for different occasions.  You’re on vacation!  Plus, quite honestly, no one really cares what you look like.  You can look like a bugged out, disheveled drunk, and no one would really care.  Sure, you’ll get a few glances your way, but hey, you traveled light!  Think about all the expenses spared (i.e., checked luggage fee, overweight fees), and the mobility you’ve gained (i.e., faster check in, first to that taxi line).  You ever see contestants on Amazing Race with anything more than their backpacks?  No!  Life is too short to be inefficient (that, by the way, is my new motto), and to be bogged down by your luggage.  So people, don’t pack your kitchen sink on your next trip!

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