Dog On Prozac

With Truff’s behavioral problems and aggression, we finally broke down and put him on Prozac.  It was either him or me.  Hopefully, there will be less barking, fear biting & peeing on his part, and overall decrease in ‘psychotic’ episodes on mine.

60mg of happiness…

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4 Responses to Dog On Prozac

  1. myblankeynme says:

    Sebastian was just telling me how he likes Mocha more and how he didn’t like truffalo as much because he kept jumping on him. hahhahahahaha I told him I don’t like Mocha because she kept jumping on me, never met truff though.

    • LY says:

      Truff made him cry the last time Mike brought Sebastian over to AZ, because he kept jumping at him.
      Mocha’s too old to jump now. Old age will take care of a lot of bad habits.

  2. myblankeynme says:

    how old was sebastian?! DARN DOGS! HAHAHAH this is how kids end up being scared of them and then the fear grows with them as an adult.

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