J&I have finally registered for the Marathon du Medoc.  This is unlike any other marathon.  In addition to water stations, there’s wine, oysters, ham, ice cream along the way.  This is more of a ‘fun’ marathon, and people are encouraged to dress up.  This year’s theme is ‘History’

2012 theme :

“The Medoc marathon through the History”

Roman army, Pharaohs, samurais, Kings, revolutionaries etc… are thus expected on the departure of 28th  edition.

Good luck for the preparation of your fancy dresses!

I’m sure Napoleon is going to be well represented at the race, so I’m thinking the 2 of us should be outfitted with queues…

and lightweight breathable long robes.

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4 Responses to Registered!

  1. VY says:

    And I’ll be laughing at the sideline wearing normal people clothing, eating ice cream, drinking wine, and not breaking a sweat.

  2. Matt says:

    Your feet better survive for our winery trips afterwards!

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