Happy Mother’s Day

The last time I made cards for mom and dad was back in high school.  After moving out of the house, there was never an opportunity to make cards for either one of them.  Since they’re here with us this Mother’s day, I thought I’d make a card for mom.

A two-toned Mother’s Day card.

Origami flower with a pearl push pin in the center.

A button sewed on to keep the cardboard card closed, as it tended to open up.

Signed by dad, the kids, and ‘grandkids’.

Inside joke…

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7 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Juin says:

    Wow. You’re so freakin’ creative. Arthur’s mom was in town and we made breakfast for her. We made a heart in the middle of a piece of toast (with a cookie cutter) and cracked an egg in there. Whole Foods’ idea. That’s so elementary compared to your masterpiece :). You never cease to amaze me.

    • LY says:

      Thanks, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that I’m creative as I learned how to make origami flowers on the internet. The difference is that I like making little things more that the average person.

  2. Juin says:

    Happy mother’s day to you, too!! Please say hi to your folks and Happy Mother’s Day to your mom for us. Thanks!!

  3. vy says:

    The cats thank you for signing their names

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