Morro Bay

One physician once said, ‘It’s all about managing expectations’, referring to how to address patients’ concerns and their expectations, and since then it’s become my favorite motto.  Often the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment; and when you have no expectations, any outcome, however small, comes as a pleasant surprise.  It’s true at work and when at play.

Most of us often plan out our trips to the ‘T’, from what to see to where to eat.  V and I are like that; our itinerary are usually packed with activities.  However, after having been with J for all these year, I’ve learned to be less rigid and more spontaneous (not really by choice, but out of necessity…

Me: OK, now we have to go to this museum.

J {wandering into a pastry shop/cafe, or sitting at a fountain in a palazzo claiming to be too tired and hungry}: You go, I’m going to sit here.

So at this point, nothing’s really planned out except for the hotels – I will not relinquish that control.  The best part about traveling spontaneously is that you don’t have any expectations.  Today, as we were driving around Cal Poly, we ended up on route 1 hoping to get to a national park (as seen on google map) to do some hiking, but then we saw signs for Morro Bay, and J said the highest rated restaurant in this general area is in Morro Bay (J’s life is guided by food).  So we decided to check out the place since it was only 10 miles away from SLO.

The bay side of Morro Bay with its calm waters protected by the breaker; Morro head (a volcanic plug) in the background.

The beach side of Morro head with waves big enough to surf.

Waves crashing against the breakers (we almost got sprayed by one of the bigger waves).

Diamonds in the water.

Looking up at Morro head.

Finally, the highest rated restaurant - I personally think their fish tasted just like the ones I make at joke.

A pleasant surprise it was…

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2 Responses to Morro Bay

  1. myblankeynme says:

    it looks nice! i think part of the reason why i am in this industry, was because it was led by j’s desire for food and him going to fci. but of course, i am always one step above and ahead with this… because i went to the better school! = )

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