Geeky Is Sexy

J’s recently been offered a VP position in the company, and he was explaining to me why he was tapped.  One of them is his ability to bang out codes that no one else can.

J: They’ll email each other discussing how to write the code, and I’ll tell them “this is how I would do it…”, and everyone will start writing it that way.

As I’m listening, I’m quietly admiring him, and thought out loud…

Me: Geeky is so sexy.

J {strutting around grabbing his baby maker like Michael Jackson}: Yeah, 10011010000111…

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5 Responses to Geeky Is Sexy

  1. Juin says:

    Congrats to J! and to you for landing such a sexy geek!!

  2. myblankeynme says:

    both! i don’t need to hear these things about my brother. seems like things on the career side is going well for us Chin siblings! tell him i said congrats, now he just needs to send me some cash!

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