The Evil Empire

No, it’s not the NY Yankees nor Goldman Sachs.  It’s the warehouse we all can’t seem to hate – Costco.  What is it about Costco that some of us are so enamored with, that we willingly hand over our retirement savings and our first born?  Is it the ‘treasure hunting’ experience, the perceived deep discounts, or is it the fact that it’s CEO, Jim Sinegal, is such a breath of fresh air in the world full of greedy CEOs? 

There’s no such thing as ‘bringing a shopping list and buying only what’s on it’ when you go to Costco.  You’re lucky if you even remember to buy what you had planned to buy.  Costco draws you in, and you briefly lose all sense of sanity and control for the next half hour while you’re in there.  Case in point, we went to Costco yesterday to get some doggy treats and some beef for stew, and ended up walking out with 3 bottles of wine (luckily, we remembered to pick up the doggy treats and the beef this time).  Once outside the warehouse, the ‘spell’ lifts:

Me {looking at the receipt}: How did we spend so much for a bag of doggy treats and beef?
J: Wine.
Me {muttering}: Aw crap.

You can argue, “Just don’t go.”  Well, you have obviously never tried telling a 3-pack-a-day smoker, “Just don’t smoke.”  Signs of Costco withdrawals are not pretty.

One of the wines was the 2005 B Cellars 24 blend.  We had tried this in San Diego last year and have had a hard time finding this particular wine here in AZ; and when we did finally find it at Total Wine, we weren’t quite ecstatic about the price point.  However, we managed to get this at Costco yesterday for much much less…

As for the ‘treasure hunting’ experience, we got to see a $350 bottle of Lafite Rothschild displayed in a locked case, up close and personal.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it, we weren’t insane enough to actually buy that bottle of wine.  However, we’ll never know if we’ll be able to exact such self discipline the next time around…
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2 Responses to The Evil Empire

  1. You are so ridiculous! Here I am thinking that you guys aren't shoppers.

  2. L.Y. says:

    We really aren't, but Costco does something to the normally practical mind.

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