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Since moving to our new home, I’ve been trying to decorate the place without breaking the bank.  Ever since I finished the lights, I’ve been looking for things to make.  My most recent project is the ‘wine cork board’.  J & I actually saw this outside a wine bar in Morro Bay, and we thought with all the wine corks we’ve saved we can easily make one.

The trick was to find the wood trims.  Initially, I had thought about going to Home Depot or Lowe’s to get regular wood strips and make a frame, but without the right equipment it was going to be tough to make a nice frame.  While at Michaels looking for canvas this afternoon, I saw these…

Stretcher bars for canvases. Never knew of their existence.

Interlink them to form a frame.

The star of the project - wine corks which we've saved over the years. We started saving the corks for 2 reasons, some for the design, and others to remind us which wines were good and which were only so-so, and to make sure never to buy a second bottle of the 'so-so' wines.

Glue 2 corks together to form a pair.  Use a piece of cardboard for the backing, and glue all the corks to the cardboard back.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll make a bigger board as we accumulate more corks.

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