It’s not until you start packing do you realized how much $#!% you’ve accumulated over the years.  Why do I still have text books dating back to college, or notes from medical school, and why do I have both mine and V’s wedding dresses in my closet?  I have got to learn to let go and stop hoarding.  So today I brought in 30+ books into Bookman’s to see if I could trade in my ‘junk’ for some money, and what did I end up with?  Twelve measly store credits, as they deemed only 3 of the 30+ books to be ‘less worthless’ than the rest.  Well, at least I got to unload all those books and now I don’t have to pack ’em.  And V, your wedding dress is going back to you…

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5 Responses to Junk

  1. me says:

    you have a wedding dress? i thought that the dress you wore to peggy and dave’s wedding?

  2. me says:

    so proud that you got it for 15 bucks! = ) when are you moving? are you guys going to look for a more permanent place?

    • LY says:

      We’re moving the end of this month. We’ve decided not to buy in CA given that we don’t stay put in one place for more than 5 years.

  3. Vy says:

    I was wondering where my dress was…

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