No Hills!

My achilles tedonitis had been slowly healing in the last few months; that was until I started adding hill running 2 weeks ago.  Not quite back to square one, but if I continue with the hills I will be soon.  Normally, it would not be a huge problem for me, but where we’ll be living in CA is ALL HILLS!  We managed to pick the hilliest part of Irvine to live in.  So instead of putting on sneakers and running out the door, I’ll have to hop in the car, drive somewhere where it’s flat, run, hop back in the car all sweaty, drive home.  There’s got to be a better solution…

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4 Responses to No Hills!

  1. Juin says:

    run along the beach! That would be nice…at sunrise. ahhhh. the life…can you bike to the beach?

  2. Runner Bob says:

    Have you thought of trying yoga?

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