Forethought Anyone?

The office decided to celebrate my birthday a month early as today was my last day at work.  I will sure miss the girls, but I’ll get to see everyone one more time as we’re having lunch on Saturday.  The admin office realized my last day was today, and hastily put together a ‘goodie bag’ full of junk stuff with the group’s logo.  I ended up giving everything away except for the plastic bag (to pick up doggy poop) and the pedometer (for mom and dad to keep track of their steps when they go on their walks).  Often times it’s better to give nothing at all than to give crap.  Just saying…

The packer from the moving company came by this morning to pack everything in the kitchen.  Did a great job except that he packed my camera (which I need for Saturday), my Garmin (for my weekend runs), and a pair of scissors (to pack the rest of my junk), and now I don’t even know where to start looking for those things.

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