Logical Reasoning

How do you convince your husband to give you what you want?  For some women, begging, pleading, bribing, etc will work.  However, when you’re married to a computer programmer, you have to appeal to his logical side.  You have to think in terms of 0s and 1s.  Ever since Truffalo chewed up Mocha’s bed 5 years ago I’ve been having a hard time convincing J that we need to get them new beds.  That was until yesterday…

Me: Can we get them new beds?

J: Why?

Me: Because Mocha’s getting old, and the rental apartment doesn’t have any carpeting.  It’ll be hard on her joints.

J: But Truffalo’s going to chew it up.

Me: He’s older now so he’s no longer teething.

J: Fine.

Now I just have to pray that Truffalo doesn’t decide to chew up the beds, otherwise I will lose all credibility.

This is what they’ll be getting from Costco…

42" Round Bolster Pet Bed   Olive, Brown & Tan

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5 Responses to Logical Reasoning

  1. me says:

    That looks fancy! They sell a lot of beds for dogs here. Did I ever tell you that I was tempted to get a puppy?!

    • LY says:

      I thought you were afraid of dogs? A puppy with your schedule is going to be tough. Having a puppy is like having a baby; you’ll be so sleep deprived in the first few months to a year. Doesn’t the bed look so comfy? Thanks for offering, but for $42 each it’ll be hard to find something comparable elsewhere.

  2. me says:

    Oh and I think I can get beds and send it back to you. How much is that bed in Costco?

  3. vy says:

    except your dogs won’t look as well behaved

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