Taiwanese Food

Following the Pingxi trip, I came down with the flu/cold.  I was basically down for the count for the next 2 days.  Got a chance to catch up on some sleep and lounge about the house with mom watching Kdrama while dad was busy shuttling the other sibling to various commitments.

For the next few days, eating was somewhat of a priority.  It’s what one does when in Taiwan.  I’m partial to Taiwanese 小吃 (snacks), because that’s what I ‘grew up’ on, although we were never allowed to eat it, because mom was always afraid we would contract hepatitis or some sort of disease from eating from the roadside stands.

Taiwan is known for it’s beef noodle soup, and mom and dad brought us to this place that gives you unlimited refills of noodles and soup, as well as free ice cream and drinks.  We went there 3 times in the 1+ week that I was there.

Got to check out the second floor of the Taipei Main Station where all the eateries were.  I didn’t take any photos, because there were signs advising against doing so.  Why?  It’s not like anyone can recreate a dish just based off a photo.

But, here are some photos of other places we tried while in Taipei.

That’s really all I got.  Who has time to take pictures when all you’re thinking about is diving in?

I wanted to hit the night market, but never got the chance this trip because of the flu the first week, and then the GI disaster the second…more about that later.

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