Mom & Dad Still Think I’m 12

Let me count the days.  A hundred and twenty.  That’s how many days it’s been since I last blogged.  Blamed it on laziness and the fact that our lives are just so vanilla bland.  However, I’ll take vanilla bland over chunky-monkey craziness any day.  Like dad used to say, peacefulness is bliss, or something of that nature.

Well that vanilla peacefulness was finally interrupted by my trip back to Taiwan 2 weeks ago to see the folks.  I was summoned.  J stayed behind since he didn’t have enough vacation days, AND he wanted to keep the dog company ever since we noticed that Truff was having a hard time at the kennel the last time we left him there.


Truff prefers this environment over the stressful kennel.

To make the 12-14 hour journey to Asia a little more palatable, I splurged on a premium economy seat.  And was that a smart choice!  The wider seat and roomier space actually made the long trip enjoyable, if that’s even possible.  PE travelers embark and disembark before the masses.  Disembarking earlier meant breezing through customs, a shorter wait time for baggage claim, and less crowd when exiting.  Naturally, one would think that exiting into the waiting area with less people around you meant that your parents would spot you immediately.

One would expect that.

Not with my parents.

I spotted them first, and looked directly into their eyes and saw blank faces staring back at me.  Didn’t you guys summon me back?!

The funny thing is, this happened 25 years ago when I went back for the first time after freshman year in college.  Now, anyone who’s been to college knows about the ‘freshman 15’, which is you gain 15lbs – give or take, during your freshman year.  Well, I went a little overboard in the cafeteria and with all the prepaid ‘free’ food.  I probably gained about 20, 25?  I transformed from this petite 107lb teenager into a doughy 135 pounder.  To me, I still looked the same, but to my parents I probably looked like the Michellin Man, because I was standing smack dab in front of dad, and he was looking right past me searching for the scrawny teenage daughter.  That was a huge blow to the ego to say the least.

So that was then, but what’s the reason now?  I’m now 10-15lbs lighter and have been the same weight for the last 2 decades.  Dad said he was looking at the screen atop as I was exiting, and mom said she saw this stylish woman (I was wearing a dress and a pair of fabulously looking over-the-knee boots) and felt it couldn’t be me.  What was she looking for?  A girl wearing a T-shirt and jeans – like the ever predictable sister with her t-shirt, jeans/shorts uniform.

I’ve come to this realization.  The thing with parents and children is that, no matter how much a child has aged, accomplished, ballooned, and matured, the parents are always looking for that 12 year old child.

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