Grand Mirage in Bali

Mom wanted to go on an all-inclusive trip to Bali.  At this point, we all knew that this trip will never surpass the Cozumel trip, but we obliged.

It was pretty warm (86F) in Taiwan early November, but nothing prepared me for what awaited us in Bali.  Having lived in Southern California for the last 6 years, I’ve been pampered and spoiled.  It’s mostly 68-78F, sunny, and dry here in SoCal, so any kind of humidity requires a bit of acclimating for this body.  Taiwan was warm and humid, and I was feeling uncomfortable.  Bali was crazy muggy!  I was sweating just standing still.  How the locals could wear short sleeves and slacks and not break a sweat was a wonder.  All the locals looked chill, while the tourists looked disgustingly sweaty.

Luckily, we were picked up by hotel transportation which whisked us (not fast enough) to the hotel.  We stayed at the Grand Mirage in Tanjung Benoa – all the all-inclusive hotels were in the Tanjung Benoa/Nusa Dua area.  With 5 of us, we elected to stay in their new villa.  With 3 rooms and baths, it was perfect.

Mom and dad got the room with the separate beds, with the view of the private pool, and the bathroom to die for.

Sister and BIL got the room with the king bed.

And I got the queen bed all to myself.

Nicely appointed living space.

Even mom was impressed and admitted that it was better than Cozumel – at least her memory isn’t that distorted.


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