Ruined my day.  Actually, my dear sister ruined my day by notifying me that the BAA has lowered the qualifying times for Boston in 2013.  I now need to run 5 minutes faster in order to qualify.  HEY, I AM NO SPRING CHICKEN BAA!  I can still try to qualify for 2012 with the old time but I need to finish a race (and qualify) before September 23rd when registration closes for 2012.  The majority of the fall races begin in October and by then it’ll be too late.  What that means is if I start my training in May, I’ll be ready for a September race, right?  But will I be, given my nagging injury?!  Either I try my darndest this year, or I wait until I’m 40 for which the qualifying time is 3:45.  What to do?

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5 Responses to The BAA

  1. SY says:

    I hear you about spring chicken! I took 5 weeks off and my knee is still bothering me when I ran for the first time today after the hiatus. So depressing! As are the BAA changes, though I’m sure if you can train healthy you’ll make it under their new times. Maybe in following years the East Coast might change their race dates to deal with these changes.

    • LY says:

      Knee injuries (especially iliotibial band syndrome) can be stubborn. Slowly easing back into running is key, but if the pain persists then it may not be a bad idea to get it checked. I don’t know how the East Coast races are going to move up the dates, as any time before late Sept you’re running the risk that it’s going to be too hot for a marathon.

      • SY says:

        I did have ITB last year I never want to have that again. This time the knee thing is probably runner’s knee but I feel enough of a twinge whenever I’m on it to make me nervous. Also I tried going out when there was still snow/ice a month back so that probably tweaked it. Maybe Chicago might be an option they can probably move theirs up if they wanted to.

      • LY says:

        When I first began running I had all sorts of issues with the knees, then I started taking Glucosamine on a regular basis and the knee problems eventually went away. Not sure if it’s the glucosamine or staying with the lower mileage, but the knee troubles eventually resolved. Chicago can get surprisingly hot in Sept. In 2007 they had the heat wave in Oct where they had to shut down the course early because people were dropping like flies due to hyperthermia. We’re probably going to have to start running Canadian races :D.

  2. SY says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’m going to start back slow and easy as you suggest. I do miss it!

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