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Cherish Youth

A bunch of us will be turning 40 this year, and I asked J why we are so afraid of getting older.  Is it because we’re losing our youth, looks, energy?  Or it is simply we’re just that much closer … Continue reading

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Old & Vain

This year is the big 4-0 for us, and we’re really starting to feel it.  You know you’re getting old when… You’re starting to have trouble driving at night.  All of a sudden you wonder if your headlights aren’t as … Continue reading

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Deaf & Dumb

Growing old does not ‘suck’ like most people believe, but it does throw you curve balls and you have to learn how to live with certain changes, pains, and deficits.  I guess I encounter these issues all day at work, … Continue reading

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Cinderella’s Stepsister

So I bought these shoes (see previous entry), and I’m having the darndest time getting my feet into them.  I’ve always bought 5 1/2 or 6 shoes, but it appears that my feet have gotten bigger!  This must be what … Continue reading

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Losing It…

Just the other day, I was expressing my concerns over developing Alzheimer’s later in life, and hypothesized that early retirement would increase the risk as the brain becomes less active.  J suggested that maybe mental exercises could stave off the … Continue reading

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Laid Up

This getting old business is no joke.  I managed to injure my left leg after last week’s long run.  From my last experience I’ve learned not to push my luck, so I’ve stayed away from running and have missed 3 … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Getting Old When…

Injuries are taking longer to heal. You can’t drink like a fish anymore. Greys are making their appearances more frequently (found J’s first one the other day). You’re  no longer carded while purchasing alcohol. You no longer care what you … Continue reading

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