Stamp of Approval

A trip is always followed by the yearly Ikea pilgrimage to find a frame for paintings I bought as my souvenir.  This year, I bought a pastel watercolor in Porto from a lone artist along the Douro River.  To complement the pastel colors, I got a light grey frame.


Most of my purchases are met with lukewarm shrugs at best…

Me (excitedly): Honey!  What do you think?

J: It’s OK.

Me: Well, I like it!

Of course, no Ikea trip would be complete without some ‘browsing’.

After much hemming and hawing, I decided it was time we ditch the colored plastic hangers we’ve had for more than a decade and splurge on some decent looking wooden hangers.


Ikea has the Bumerang 8-pack hangers for $4.99.  I thought, what the heck, it’s time to upgrade.  So I got 4 packs to replace all our hangers.


Thinking I’d get the generic, noncommittal ‘Huh’ from J, I didn’t event bother advertising the purchase.  Imagine my surprise when…

J: That’s actually a good purchase.  They look nice.

Me: WHAT did you say?!?!

Apparently, he hated those plastic hangers but just didn’t bother doing anything about them.

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One Response to Stamp of Approval

  1. yay!!! been waiting for updates. You guys crack me up.

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