Nude It Is

One of the worst feelings ever is to have all your hopes and dreams dashed.  That applies to all aspects in life – dream school, dream boy, dream job, and of course dream shoes.  Having ordered a pair of shoes, thinking about it all weekend, and then have the store inform me Monday morning that they actually don’t have it, I felt like someone pulled the rug right out from underneath me.

That’s what happened to these…

Stuart Weitzman Nouveau Black Patent

Stuart Weitzman Nouveau Black Patent

In my state of distress and disbelief, I set out frantically looking online for a replacement.  Unfortunately there were none, but lo and behold, I stumbled upon these…

Stuart Weitzman Queen Adobe

Stuart Weitzman Queen Adobe

It’s what I had set out looking for – nude, pointed-toe heels!  Where were these shoes all this time?  Sometimes ‘terrible’ things need to happen for the better.

These heels are new territory for me height wise.  At 4.5 inches, this pair is surprisingly wearable.  I just might have to attend this year’s company holiday party, which I’ve managed to avoid for years, just so I can bring these babies out on the town.

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