A Half Marathon With a Qualifying Time

With Boston done, until next year, and no races planned for the rest of the year, I’ve been debating what to do.  I want to maintain my fitness before training resumes in December, but I know that without a race to prepare for I most likely will slack off until then.  I don’t want to run another marathon this year because the chances of getting injured is higher when I race twice in a 12-month period (Tucson 2009 and San Diego 2010 6 months apart put me on the side lines for a year).  A half marathon would work, but there are no races that interest me.  Most 1/2 marathons are so congested that I can’t even fathom weaving through the throngs of people.

Just as I was giving up on the thought of running a fall race, I came across this article on Runner’s World – “Could the USA Half Marathon Become the Boston of Half Marathons”. This is a new event that will be held in San Diego on 11/21/2015, and will be open to qualifiers only.  The field is capped at 5,000 runners divided into elite/sub-elite and competitive.  Sub-elites have faster qualifying times (1:35:00 for my age group) and the competitive mortals have slower qualifying times (2:10:00 for my age group).  San Diego is only an hour away, smaller field (compared to Surf City 1/2 that has a field of 17,000), relatively faster course – this race has my name written all over it!

Based on my Boston time, my projected 1/2 would be a 1:43:02.  That means if I train hard, I should raise my goal to a 1:40:00???  

Let the training begin…

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