Respect the Distance

I’ve slowly started considering 40-minute easy runs to be junk miles, and haven’t really given it much thought pre-run as I do with all my other training runs.  I don’t know when that began but yesterday’s easy run reminded me that I need to respect all distances.  Yesterday’s 40-minute run was so tough it felt like a 16 miler – my legs felt like dead weight.  I suspect that it had something to do with my pre-run nutrition – didn’t bother hydrating myself, nor did I eat any carbs before the run.

I didn’t want a repeat for today’s long run, so this morning I made sure to have 1/2 a bagel and hydrated myself better last night.  It definitely made some difference but wasn’t enough.  Thinking back, I used to ‘carb up’ a little the night before a long run.  I guess it’s time to bring back Saturday Pasta Night.

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