Boston Training

Training starts today – technically it started 4 days ago, but I missed Tuesday’s run since we were on vacation.  Ran yesterday’s 45-minute pace booster run this morning because I spent 3 hours of my life at DMV yesterday, and just wanted to veg afterwards.

Had been running slowly (8:40 to 9:00 pace) for the last 6 months, and today’s my first ‘speed work’.  I wasn’t sure I was able to maintain the 7:50-8:11 pace for 15 minutes, but I did.  Funny how resilient the body is when you push it.

Party’s over, and it’s serious training for the next 5 months…

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2 Responses to Boston Training

  1. VY says:

    btw, know a guy who’s run Boston for many times. If you want tips, I can hook you up with him.

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