Vegas to St. George

Woke up at 3:30AM – bed was too soft and sheets a bit rough.  Was planning on going to the hotel gym at 6AM, but ended up putzing around for 2 hours.  By the time I got to the gym, there was a line for the treadmill.  I decided not to wait and went for a run out on the strip.

No bueno idea.

The strip is pedestrian friendly with their pedestrian overpasses for safer crossing, but not runner friendly, that is unless the runner likes to run up and down stairs in the middle of the run, breaking the stride and rhythm.  To make matters worse, the hotel we were staying at had no direct access to the strip.  One would have to either go through the Bellagio or take the tram from the Aria hotel.  It was a nightmare trying to get back to the hotel.

After check out, we drove to the Audi dealership to top off the oil.  Now that servicing is every 10K miles, we’ve been needing to top off the oil midway – the oil light had gone off somewhere before Barstow, but being a small town there was no way they’d have an Audi dealership.

On our way to the dealership, we saw this…



Jinya was our favorite ramen spot in OC until it closed last year, thanks to the fierce ramen competition in OC.  Imagine our surprise when we drove by it, and the decision was made for us – lunch at Jinya!

By the time we got to St. George the sun was starting to set, so we didn’t get see much other than the quaint little town square.

St. George LDS church.

St. George

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