The longer one’s been married, the more banter replaces lovey-dovey compliments:

Me (with my notorious hypothetical questions): Would you still love me if I were deaf and blind?

J: I would love you more if you were mute.

The lunar eclipse occurred earlier this morning – I know this because I’m a headline junkie, but by the time I left for work it was over.  All that was left was a full moon over the ocean.  But, J must have caught part of it since he’s up walking the dog at 5AM:

Me: The moon was HUGE this morning.

J (glued to his phone playing ‘Clash of Clans’): Really?  I saw a crescent.

Me (in disbelief): Uhh dude…that was a lunar eclipse.

J: Really?!?  You should have told me.

Me (snickering): You were looking at a lunar eclipse and didn’t even know it.

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