One More Month

Til the Boston Marathon registration for the squeakers.  The faster runners get to register the week prior.  BAA announced today that they’re approved for a bump up of the 2015 field by 3K to 30K.  The ratio of qualified to charity runners is back to an 80/20 split.  This means 24K qualified runners.  This year’s count was 22K+ BQ runners.  What this means is more slots for BQ runners, and with (likely) lower demand for the 2015 race, I suspect everyone who has a BQ gets to run it.

So start booking your tickets – Boston, here I come!

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7 Responses to One More Month

  1. VY says:

    If you get in, I’ll buy you the jacket.

  2. VY says:

    If you don’t get in, I’ll buy me the jacket.

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