Las Vegas Part 2

It was time to head back to Vegas after the amazing hike at Zion.  Our trip was coming to an end, and I was most definitely looking forward to a nice shower and a soft bed.

J&I checked into Rio, and S&B at The Palms.  Since it was a sunday, hotels on the strip were pricier, so 0ff-strip we stayed.  Rio was hosting the World Series of Poker the coming week, which explained the 30-minute wait to check-in.  The line snaked around the lobby akin to an airport check-in line.  It was maddening.

Dinner was at Lotus of Siam, featured on CNN, and totally over-rated.

After the lackluster dinner, we headed to the original Vegas Downtown, which had been revitalized.

New sign with the word "DOWNTOWN" added.

The iconic sign with the word “DOWNTOWN” added.

This place was a human freak show.  You had people either half naked or dressed in costumes (not all well made) doing all sorts of things trying to get a buck or two.  The whole scene reminded J of Coney Island.  If you have to go to Vegas stick to the strip, unless this sort of scene appeals to you.

The $4.99 breakfast buffet at The Palm the next morning was followed by getting stuck in the post-Memorial Day weekend exodus back to Cali.

Dinner was the most amazing ramen at Tsujita Annex in Little Osaka, and S&B’s culinary journey to the West was capped off with Blockheads’ shaved ice.

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