Country Bumpkins

While J and I were at the car dealership, we suspect that the salesman thought we had just climbed out from under a rock.  We were in awe of the keyless entry on the A6.  We were confused as to how it worked, and the guy had to clarify that he was in fact not a magician.

To give you some perspective as to where we’re coming from…

The last time either one of us bought a car was back in 2006.  Back then we were happy with J’s power windows, since nothing in the Yaris was powered, except for the steering wheel.  When mom wanted to roll down the window…

Mom: How do you roll down the window?

Me: Imagine yourself in a car from the 70s.

Apparently, mom wasn’t the only one who had trouble with the window.  F thought it was hilarious that it was still a crank, and wanted to show her nieces what a crank window looks like.

So making the leap from the Yaris to the A6 was a huge shock to us, and I’m sure the salesman got a good kick out of it, thinking “what decade did these people come from?”


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