Itchy Butt

I did it!  I didn’t even last a week, and I’ve signed up for the OC Half Marathon.  I’ve also decided that I will run another marathon in October.  Hoping that I’ll get an entry for the St. George Marathon, but if I don’t, I’ll sign up for the Long Beach Marathon.  However, between now and then I’ve got 8 months, hence the 1/2 marathon.

I never wanted to pay money to run a half, but since I can’t stand sitting around without a race to look forward to I took the plunge.

Time goal – 1:45.

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4 Responses to Itchy Butt

  1. Juin says:

    I figured. It didn’t even take a pretty medal or shirt. You’re so easy ;).

  2. myblankeynme says:

    hahahahah! Juin is funny! You’re easy! Ummmm 1:45 for a half?! GEEZ! I hope I can just make it in 3 hours. = 1

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