Post-Race Anxiety

I always get a little blue after a race.  After months of training and setting goals, followed by pre-race jitters and race day excitement, I’m often left with a sense of “now what?” after the race.

To compound the problem, I’m not supposed to run for the entire week after the race because I’m supposed to be ‘recovering’.  The worst thing you can tell a runner is, “don’t run”.  Normally, I’d be sneaking in a short run here and there after a race, but this time I really can’t run due to significant chafing injuries, which I won’t go into detail.  Estimated date of training is now murky as a result of this injury.

I had lined up a race in Feb ahead of time, which blunts the post-race blues a little, but the injury-delaying-training anxiety is starting to kick in.


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8 Responses to Post-Race Anxiety

  1. Juin says:

    A guy runner I used to know puts band aids on his nipples before every race to prevent chafing. Will that work for you :)?

    • LY says:

      Nipple chafing is purely a male runner problem because of the loose singlets they’re wearing. Mine are from the seams of my shorts. I’m hoping Body Glide will solve the problem before my next race. Otherwise I have to buy new shorts.

  2. Juin says:

    ouch. just buy new shorts!! why put yourself through another possible 26 miles of pain??

  3. raastha says:

    i loved running and still love to do. But post my son’s birth body does not allow me as i feel I dont have the strength to do it. So happy running.


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