New Goals

OK, I remember “pouting” that I just want a BQ and don’t really care about actually running Boston, and that I just want to enjoy running races from now on without any stress.

How quickly that has changed.

The goal now seems to be a moving target.  Now that I’ve run 3:40, I want to get under that.  Closer to 3:30.  I know it’s good to push oneself towards loftier goals, but when does that stop?  Sub 3:30? Sub 3:15?  But, when I saw a silver-haired older gentleman smoke me at the half marathon point, I thought to myself, “I can do better”.

So the goal for my next fall race would be sub 3:40.

(I’m still just running Surf City for the cool medal).

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2 Responses to New Goals

  1. Juin says:

    don’t come out of it needing knee surgery!!! be careful!!!

    • LY says:

      It’s actually a myth that running is bad for the knees. Studies have shown that runners have better knees than non-runner later in life.

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