Victoria Day 6

A total let down (minus my morning run along the harbor).

We took the 75 express bus from downtown Victoria to Butchart Gardens.  Ticket into the garden was $30 pp!  I don’t know what was a bigger waste of money, this or the Lake Louise Gondola.  I’d say unless you love flowers, this tourist trap would be a huge waste of time. Since we paid so much for the entry fee I made sure to take tons of pictures.

The better half of the morning and afternoon was spent traveling to and from, and walking around the garden, there wasn’t much time left to explore Victoria.  However, by the time we finished lunch in Victoria we were beat to the point that we didn’t want to do anything else.  So we just hung out in the hotel room watching TV.

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4 Responses to Victoria Day 6

  1. We make the drive out to Butchart Gardens yesterday – and we could have just as easily written the same blog! $30!? That was a shock! Lesson learned by me: check out admission price before making the long drive. Like you – hope all the photos we took will redeem the expense.

  2. raastha says:

    cannot take my eyes off this???

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