Canada Day 4 – Transit

Today was a day of travel.  I hate these kind of days when vacationing, because you’re essentially burning a day away.  We (mostly J) drove 8 hours from Banff to Vancouver thinking that the drive would be scenic.  It was scenic up until we left the National Park area about 2 hours into the drive.  Due to poor planning we missed the must see stops along the way – Spiral Tunnel and Takakkaw Falls.  The rest of the drive was just plain vanilla.

Some boring images along the way…

Checked into Tsawwassen Inn, returned the car rental to Vancouver airport, and took public transportation (SkyTrain and the 604 bus) back to the Inn.

Room at Tsawwassen Inn.

Room at Tsawwassen Inn.

I picked Tsawwassen over downtown Vancouver thinking that we could walk over to the ferry terminal in the morning, but little did I know that the terminal is 5 miles away.

Had I known all this, I’d book a flight directly from Calgary to Victoria.

Lesson learned.

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