Banff Day 2

The day started with the Sunday 10-mile run.  I was looking forward to running the Banff Legacy Trail, but unfortunately it was closed.  So we had to settle on running along Banff Ave.

Afterwards we drove back up to Lake Louise Village again to ride the gondola and check out Moraine Lake.

On our way there we saw 4-5 overpasses.  If you look at it, it doesn’t initially make a whole lot of sense.  It’s not as if we’re passing through a mountain/hill, nor does it appear to be a traffic/pedestrian overpass since it’s all overgrown atop.  However, it is an overpass for wildlife.  The Canadians spent one million canadian dollars on each overpass to allow wildlife to safely cross from one side of the highway to another.  Ingenious!

Wildlife corridor

Wildlife corridor

Saw tons of sign alerting us of wildlife...

Saw tons of sign alerting us of wildlife…

but so far this is about the most exciting wildlife we've encountered.

but this has been about the most exciting wildlife we’ve encountered so far.

Review sites and guide books all promised us spectacular views and chance of seeing grizzlies on the Lake Louise gondola, but I wish I had skipped it, and saved the $30 lift ticket.  The views were good, but no grizzlies.

The prize of the day, however, was Moraine Lake.

The beautiful aqua blue lake.

The beautiful aqua blue lake.

The views are best from atop a rocky hill, and I promised mom that it would be worth the hike.


As we were coming down the rocky hill, we came upon a trailhead with this warning sign.

Must hike in groups of 4, or risk a fine of 5,000 Canadian dollars.

Must hike in groups of 4 or more due to high chances of encountering a grizzly, or risk a fine of 5,000 Canadian dollars.

Two people were waiting at the trailhead and asked if we wanted to join them.  We had to decline because mom and dad were waiting for us.  Had it been just J and myself we would have said “yes”.

Finally our last stop was Johnston Canyon falls.  This was my chance to test the ‘shutter’ function on my camera.


The difference between normal shutter speed vs. slow shutter speed.  The waterfall appears static with normal setting vs. dynamic with slow shutter speed.

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4 Responses to Banff Day 2

  1. You take very beautiful photos. 🙂

  2. Juin says:

    Incredibly breathtaking. Is it a national park? Is it pretty touristy? It looks pretty isolated. Are there a lot of tourists? Or mainly locals? I too think the overpass is genius. I wish we had it here. everywhere.

    • LY says:

      This is Banff National Park and, like all national parks, it gets busy with tourists during the summertime. It looks isolated because I waited for the crowd to thin before shooting the pictures (don’t like people in my shots).

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