Quick Update

Took a 2-month break from blogging due to competing commitments, i.e., work, dogs, running.  Work’s been crazy busy, and Mocha’s been going for her bi-monthly chemo treatments.  She’s doing well other than shedding like a buck fifty hooker.  Who said dogs don’t lose hair from chemo?  They just have gazillion more hair to begin with.  I’m practically vacuuming every other day, if not daily.  Had the Roomba not been $400, I’d get one and keep it running all day and night.

Mocha sunning herself.

Mocha sunning herself…

and 'Prozac dog' has been very well behaved lately.

and ‘Prozac dog’ has been a very good boy lately.

Moving to CA also means more visitors coming to stay with us, which is a welcome change.  Uncle’s family from Taiwan came by last month and will be stopping by again next week on their way back to Taiwan.  K/A and S/B are coming the end of the month.  F’s back in mid-June.  Mom and dad will be here for 2 months starting mid-July.  It’s gonna be a busy summer!

Uncle cooked a feast while they were here.  The best Chinese home cooking I've had in a long time.  J can cook delicious food but Chinese food.

Uncle cooked dinner while they were here. This is the best Chinese home cooking I’ve had in a looooong time. J can cook incredibly delicious food, but his Chinese cooking just isn’t the same.

The deck renovation has finally begun.  It was time to replace the warped wood deck after finally falling through one of the steps.  The new deck will be one elevated level of concrete and limestone as opposed to the old 2-level rickety wood deck.

Demolition Day 2

Demolition Day 2 – view from the living room

View from the guest BR

View from the guest bedroom

Looking up towards the upper level.

Looking up towards the upper level.







Finally, here’s a beautiful sunset in LB…


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  1. myblankeynme says:

    wow!!!!! THAT IS A NICE SHOT!

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