Taiwan Passport

Five months and $45 dollars later, and countless trips to the LA TECO, I finally got my ROC passport.


I am now officially a ROC national (not a citizen).

Now I can go to Cuba!

Unfortunately, that’s about the only benefit there is to having this passport over a US passport, which actually confers citizenship.  Since I’m not considered a citizen of ROC I cannot vote in their elections, nor can I apply for their universal health care benefits, nor open a bank account in Taiwan.  However, according to dad there is talk of easing the pathway for nationals to citizenship.  Until then, this passport simply allows me to visit Taiwan for 3 months at a time without getting a visa.

So why did I bother getting one?  Because dad spent a tremendous amount of time to get all the paperwork together, ‘begged & harassed’ the workers at the Taiwan cultural centers in Boston and NYC, as well as the police department in Taiwan (long story), so it would only seem right that I see it through after all the trouble he went through.

So dad, this passport is for you.

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