Getting Back To Running

After 3 weeks off due to the flu, we started running again.  It’s amazing how quickly one becomes de-conditioned after not running for less than a month.  Ran the usual 5 miles yesterday and today; and the usual 8:30 pace felt like I was pushing it at a 7:00 min mile.

The CIM race registration doesn’t open until March 1st, and I’m getting all excited to sign up for that.  I’m hoping to qualify for Boston with this race.  Goal is to run a 3:45 now that I will be turning 40 this year (this is probably the only upside to turning 40).  The race is held in Sacramento on 12/8/2013 with a cap of 8000 runners.  They’ve managed to keep the registration fee at $85 if you sign up in the first 2 weeks of March, which is probably one of the lowest cost races these days (it’s even cheaper than Tucson Marathon).

I’m ready to Rock n Roll!

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  1. vy says:

    Boston 2014?

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