Engineer Husband

One of the other female providers in the office had just recently married an engineer, and we got to talking about how engineers make the best husbands.  From what I’ve observed in the last 10 years married to one, I have to admit they do make the best spouses.

  1. Meticulous and detail oriented.  You never have to worry about anything, because he’ll take care of everything.  Bills will always be paid on time, and you’ll always have THE credit card that gives you the most cash back.  One of my college friends who’s also an engineer keeps a spreadsheet on EVERYTHING.  A bit much, but it sure makes YOUR life easier.
  2. Even keeled, even tempered, and humble.  Sure, he may write the best codes in the office, but he doesn’t strut around the house with a god complex (we all know which profession is guilty of that), like he had just saved a life.
  3. Logical.  This guy could care less about what others think about him.  He doesn’t need to prove himself by going out buying flashy cars or wearing fancy clothes.  He’s looking at the big picture – financial independence.  This would explain why there are more engineers who are millionaires than doctors and lawyers who are.
  4. Intelligent.  Because he’s intelligent he’ll think through the problem and attempt to fix things himself.  He can fix most, not all (e.g., iphone).  Still that’s better than calling for help all the time.
  5. He’s happy sitting in front of the computer.  You never have to worry about wandering eyes.  You also never have to worry about other women harassing him because they’re all going after the doctors and the lawyers.

So girls, when looking for a spouse, go visit your nearest engineering department.

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2 Responses to Engineer Husband

  1. myblankeynme says:

    ummmm my engineering department are all middle aged dudes who are really technicians that fixes random things ie kitchen equipment, light fixtures, vents and stuff like that. = 1

  2. LY says:

    Not sure they count. We’re talking about EE, ME, AE, etc…

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